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Kaia Community Committee Proposal [EN]


- Avengers Team Comprised of Domestic and International Crypto OGs: Includes Uncommon Lab, HashKey, SNZ, NGC, HTX, BNB Chain, etc.

- Proven Skills and Products: Featuring Fusionist, SmartLayer, Redbrick, and more.

- Comprehensive Understanding of Klaytn & Finschia Ecosystem: In-depth knowledge and experience about the ecosystem.

- Common goal of Re-creating “Klay Summer” Using All Resources.

[MKGA: “Make Kaia Great Again”]

1. Our Goal is to “MAKE KAIA GREAT AGAIN”

- Our goal is simple: “to recreate the golden age of Klaytn on Kaia”.

- The Golden Age of Klaytn (2021–2022): The peak period of Klaytn, dubbed as “KLAYTN SUMMER”, was undeniably the late 2021 to 2022. During this time, Klaytn-related projects dominated all domestic crypto channels. Numerous domestic projects eagerly launched on Klaytn, and many non-crypto users entered the crypto space to purchase Klaytn NFTs, making Klaytn the quintessential blockchain of Korea.

- Our Mission: We aim to create a “KAIA SUMMER” that surpasses Klaytn’s golden age. Utilizing all our resources, we will onboard global users and launch various products. Most of the preparations are already complete.

- What’s different this time?: Unlike Klaytn’s past peak, which was largely confined to domestic users, KAIA SUMMER will expand its user base globally. By continuously onboarding global projects, we aim to enhance the fundamental value of the mainnet.

2. Why KnightFury?

1) Expert Group

- Chairman: Uncommon Lab, an OG in domestic infrastructure and DAO operations.

- Committee: This “Avengers” collective is an accelerator that has served as a bridgehead for introducing various global projects such as StepN, Fusionist, and SmartLayer to Korea, the largest trading and investment institution in the Klaytn ecosystem. The group is also made up of various infrastructure companies, including those involved in 3D engines, token scripts, and decentralized bridges.

- Advisors: Brief introduction of notable names such as HashKey, SNZ, NGC, ABCDE, HTX, Fusionist, BNB Chain, etc., which are well-known with high anticipation from the crypto community.

2) Proven Expertise

- On-Chain Transaction Record: KnightFury’s first on-chain product, 0xSpin, achieved 46.6 million cumulative on-chain transactions on Klaytn within just five days of launch, securing the top spot.

- Demonstrating Our Potential: This is merely a glimpse of our potential. Our members hold a portfolio of global projects listed on major exchanges, such as Fusionist and SmartLayer.

- Fusionist Success: Fusionist recorded 16,000 users and 240,000 gameplay sessions during its beta launch in November 2023 and was subsequently listed on Binance Launchpool and OKX Jumpstart.

[Fusionist User Metrics for November 2023]

- SmartLayer Achievement: SmartLayer’s on-chain product, Smart Cat, accounted for more than half of all transactions on Polygon, recording a total of 3.54m Passes created and 311k Unique Active Wallets before TGE in January 2024.

[SmartLayer User Metrics for January 2024]

- We go beyond mere investment in such large-scale global projects, specializing in comprehensive roles including strategic planning, project building, narrative formation, partnerships, and organic project integration within web3 product development.

- Utilizing this web3 expertise and know-how, we plan to onboard global players and projects into the Kaia ecosystem, creating a playground where builders and users can thrive.

3) Comprehensive Understanding of Ecosystem Projects

- We pride ourselves on being a “live museum” of Klaytn, knowing every minor issue in the ecosystem.

- Since the pre-mining phase of KLAYswap in late 2020, we have been active participants in Klaytn DeFi services, including Blue Whale early membership NFT first-come-first-served minting (later changed to Dutch auction), KlayFi, EKlipse Finance, Electrik Finance, Popkorn Money, Flora Finance, and Sigma Protocol.

- We have directly participated in (or monitored) nearly every Klaytn NFT minting, including MetaKongz, KlayFox, MetaRabbit, MetaAdventure, NomadApe, and Injeolmi Sparrow.

- Similarly, we have actively participated in and monitored most Finschia projects, including DOSI Citizen, Hellbound, Citizen Pet, BeerGang, Game Dosi, and Pararium.

4) Comprehensive Understanding of Ecosystem Communities

- We have been actively participating in or monitoring Klaytn-related communities for a long time, including KlaytnX (now Kaia X), KlayCheck, Sigma & Shogun, Corini Children Open Chat, and Byeon Chang-ho’s Coin Academy.

- Within the community, Klaytn holders are weary due to the closure of numerous DeFi projects, the adoption of other mainnets by domestic companies, the lack of Klaytn utility, and excessive grants usage. There is a sense of crisis regarding the future direction after the integration, with many seeing it as the last opportunity to succeed. The Kaia integrated chain must improve its domestic and international image and avoid repeating past mistakes.

- Therefore, KnightFury Alliance aims to leverage the narrative of this integration to onboard innovative domestic and international projects onto the Kaia chain. Through transparent operations and communication, we strive to revitalize the Kaia chain and overcome the current challenges.

5) KOL Cluster

- The importance of Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) who introduce projects and lead communities through social media accounts in the web3 industry is steadily increasing. To ensure the success of the Kaia ecosystem, it is essential to strategize the engagement of the KOL community from the outset.

- KnightFury members and advisors already have direct contact with over 1,000 domestic and international KOLs, which are global and not limited to specific regions. Through these KOLs, we can directly reach a user base of over 20 million people worldwide. With this user base, we will proclaim “Make Kaia Great Again” (MKGA) and revitalize the upcoming Kaia ecosystem.

6) Good to Go

- We began building even before the community committee recruitment announcement.

- KnightFury Alliance’s first on-chain product, 0xSpin*, recorded 46.6 million transactions, 580,000 participating wallets, and an average of 396,000 active wallets within just five days. Notably, the number of active wallets exceeds the peak figures from 2021–2022 (approximately 200,000–300,000, source: CryptoQuant), reaffirming the potential of the Kaia chain and KnightFury in a short period.

- We already have plans to onboard over 20 projects, and the support from the Community Committee will serve as a catalyst to execute these prepared plans explosively.

3. What is KnightFury?

- KnightFury is the dApp playground and launch pool project of the Kaia ecosystem.

- KnightFury Alliance is the first full-stack builder community of the Kaia ecosystem, established specifically for KnightFury.

- The Alliance is a group of web3-specialized experts, including builders, investors, exchanges, infrastructure, and DAO operators.

- The full-stack builder community can source and develop products to activate the Kaia ecosystem, and carry out comprehensive activities such as accelerating, business development, and marketing.

- Additionally, KnightFury Alliance is an open international community with a stronger network of overseas players versus domestic ones.

- By introducing overseas players, web3-friendly strategies, and dApps that were absent in the existing Klaytn and Finschia ecosystems, we aim to lead the globalization of the integrated Kaia chain.

- In summary, KnightFury is an on-chain playground created by web3 experts who have voluntarily gathered to achieve the globalization of the Kaia chain and establish it as the leading mainnet in Asia.

4. Committee Composition and Roles

4–1) Committee Composition

4–2) Committee Flowchart

4–3) Roles of Members

  • Development (Uncommon Lab): oversees the development of the launchpad platform utilizing both internal and external sources.
  • Project Manager (Block Patch, Trinito): Responsible for managing the overall progress of the projects and achieving goals, as well as facilitating communication and coordination among teams.
  • Technology, Infrastructure, and Content Supply (SmartLayer, Kana Labs, Owlto Finance, Token Pocket & Redbrick): Provides technical, infrastructure, and content support for ecosystem projects.
  • Security Expert: Utilizes external audit firms to ensure security.

[Chairman] Uncommon Lab

Uncommon Lab is a company founded by OGs who have long been active in the blockchain industry since 2016. The team has extensive experience in operating validator nodes and governance proxies, creating content, managing DAOs, and developing DApps.

a) DAO Operation Highlights:

“Korean Governance DAO OG that managed a combined total of over 2,000 delegates and $48 million in AUM at its peak.”

  • Established in 2020, with a maximum of 1,200 delegates, AUM of $36 million, ranked as the number 1 governance DAO within the chain (STEEM).
  • Established in 2019, with a maximum of 900 delegates, AUM of $12 million, ranked within the top 5 governance DAOs (EOS).
[Uncommon Lab Highlights]

b) Notable Governance Participation Examples

  • 2018–2020: Operated a global TOP5 proxy for EOS mainnet governance voting.
  • 2018-Present: Active as a main BP on the EOS mainnet and collaborating with the ENF (EOS Network Foundation).
  • 2018–2020: Assisted in the recovery of accounts for EOS private key loss victims (over $20M).
  • 2020: Contributed to resolving the crisis during the first blockchain community hard fork (Steem vs. Hive) by collaborating with the Tron Foundation and Justin Sun to prevent the shutdown of the Steem network.
  • 2021–2023: Active as Tron SR Partners.
  • 2021-Present: Planning and operating the Developer Incentive Program (DIP) with Tron and Steem foundations (over $1M).
  • 2020-Present: Active as a main witness on the Steem blockchain, operating the largest DAO UPVU (AUM: $36M+).
  • 2020–2022: Experience in operating a main validator on the Terra blockchain.
  • 2023–2024: Selected as a main validator for the Vega blockchain.
  • 2024-Onwards: Developing an automatic validator operation system for the Endurance mainnet.

c) Currently Operating Validator Nodes: Over 30 networks

  • Bitcoin mainnet and Lightning Network (L2)
  • Ethereum mainnet and numerous EVM chains
  • Cosmos chains: Terra(Classic), Babylon, Neutron, Kujira, Mars, Whitewhale, Carbon, etc.
  • Various L1 chains: Tron, EOS, Steem, Vega, Pocket Network, Endurance, Autonity, etc.
  • L2 chains (including testnets): OP Stack chains, Taiko, Scroll, etc.

[Committee Members]

A collaborative body of diverse specialists capable of comprehensive activities such as direct product development, builder sourcing, business development, partnerships, and marketing within the ecosystem.

1) Block Patch (Accelerator)

Since entering the blockchain industry in 2017, Block Patch has primarily supported Go-To-Market (GTM) strategies for portfolio projects post-investment based on understanding of market trends. Initially focused on consulting and marketing, Block Patch now primarily engages in investment-based acceleration. Operating solely with their own capital, Block Patch is very selective in its project investments, executing fewer than 10 annually and focusing intensively on 1–2 main portfolio projects.
Block Patch’s portfolio includes projects like Fusionist, Redbrick, Gunzilla, Kana Labs, Conflux, StepN, HoloworldAI, Blocklords, Pingpong, SmartLayer, UneMeta,, and others.

2) Trinito (VC / Advisory)

Trinito is a comprehensive digital asset company encompassing investment, trading, and research in digital assets. It has been actively involved in the Klaytn ecosystem and recently joined the Klaytn GC to explore various ways to contribute to the Kaia ecosystem following the Klaytn/Finschia merger. Trinito has built trust through collaboration with KnightFury Alliance members and plans to leverage its expertise and network as an investor to play a key role in discovering builders within the Kaia ecosystem and establishing business plans and cooperative relationships with external ecosystem members. Trinito believes that openness and connectivity through blockchain technology are the keys to creating new value, and that professional experience and knowledge are essential to understand rapidly changing technologies and industry trends. From this perspective, Trinito, with the help of KnightFury Alliance, will actively promote the Kaia ecosystem to engage and connect with ecosystem players in Asia and globally. It aims to capture synergies among players with unique expertise and realize business opportunities, leading to the creation of value for the entire ecosystem.

3) Redbrick (Infras: Consumer & Gaming)

Redbrick is the game-changer in web3 and gaming innovation. Redbrick’s cloud-based engine seamlessly integrates with multiple blockchains, offering unparalleled flexibility for gaming, education, and entertainment industries. Redbrick is revolutionizing content creation with AI assistance, cloud technology, and visual coding, making Redbrick the go-to solution for businesses seeking a competitive edge in the web3 space.

4) SmartLayer (Infras: Erc-5169, TokenScript & Improved 404)

Smart Layer is a suite of tools, technologies and standards to support the accelerated adoption of token front-ends. The Smart Layer Network handles the off-chain part of the token’s back-end logic and offers a server-side runtime environment to support a future, token-centric and AI-centric web. They’re the team behind ERC-5169 and TokenScript, the innovative technologies that enable any token to carry executable script and front-ends.

5) Kana Labs (Infras: Corporate & Account/Chain Abstraction)

Kana Labs, a project funded by Jump Crypto and Netmarble is pioneering the first intent-based Cross-Chain DeFi Suite. It leverages existing DeFi products and their users as solver nodes to enable one-click execution of complex requests across multiple DeFi platforms, thereby maximizing liquidity. Kana Labs supports seamless AA solutions for many blockchains.

6) Token Pocket (Non-custodial wallet)

Token Pocket is the biggest Non-custodial Wallet. Token Pocket is providing secure and easy crypto wallet service to over 20M users from 200+ countries and regions around the world. TokenPocket generates and stores keys and passwords on your device only, only you can access your account and assets. TokenPocket also develops hardware cold wallet and MultiSig wallet features to enhance the security as you need.

7) Owlto Finance (Decentralized Bridge)

Owlto Finance is a decentralized Cross-Rollup bridge specifically designed for transferring local assets within the Ethereum network. It can respond well to user needs and solve industry pain points. Currently, Owlto Finance is supporting 27 L1/L2 chains including Taiko, Scroll, Linea, Mantle, Blast, Bitlayer, Base & etc and will support Kaia Chain as Bridge infrastructure. Owlto Finance has partnered with numerous DeFi projects on various chains, and will serve as a bridgehead connecting various DeFi products and tools to the Kaia ecosystem through its experience and resources in the DeFi field.


[1] Hashkey Global
HashKey Global is the flagship digital asset exchange under HashKey Group, offering licensed digital asset trading services to global users. HashKey Global is licensed under the Bermuda Monetary Authority’s full Digital Asset Business investor protection regime under a Class F Full License. HashKey Global adopts the compliance, security, and audit best practices of HashKey Exchange (the largest licensed digital asset exchange in Hong Kong), with features such as asset segregation, information security controls, insurance, independent auditing, and payments settlement.

[2] SNZ Capital
SNZ team is highly-experienced and well-rounded with cutting-edge insights in both Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 spaces. SNZ WILL ‘CONNECT TO EMPOWER’ BY: Identifying and advancing early-stage (Angel, Seed, and Series A) opportunities in the digital asset, blockchain, and Web 3.0 industries. Bridging the gaps between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0, the West and East, and early and late-stage ecosystem participants and builders in different roles. Maintaining a long-term view, creating network effects, and providing visionary founders with expertise, connections, and resources since the early stages.

[3] Presto Labs
Presto Labs is a quantitative trading company founded in Singapore in 2014. They are building automated trading systems based on data-driven quantitative analysis to achieve stable and sustainable investment returns. At Presto Labs, our engineering team does what humans do best. The goal is to create algorithmic decision-making processes to achieve what human traders could never achieve in today’s fast-paced and incredibly complex financial world. Presto Labs serves as the GC for Klaytn and Finschia and has made various contributions.

[4] NGC
NGC Ventures invests in early stage, web 3.0 infrastructure startups and projects. They identify projects with innovative ideas to today’s blockchain problems and work with them from ideation to strategy and market adoption. As one of biggest crypto funds in this industry, They support founders & entrepreneurs who have innovative idea & worldwide vision.

ABCDE is a 400mm fund investing in web3 builders co-founded by Huobi co-founder Du Jun and former Internet&crypto founder BMAN. They have their own teams in Silicon Valley, Singapore and Beijing bridging the ecosystems of the east and west. Their LPs and partners include the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange and well-known infrastructures in the crypto industry. ABCDE hands on to support builders from end to end from marketing, community relations to engineering and ecological construction.

[6] Allinweb3
Allinweb3 is a Web3 Accelerator founded by serial entrepreneurs/angel investors who are venture-loving, keen to share, and with rich industrial resources. As a trusted value creator, They are a one-stop solution provider for branding, marketing, financing, and globalization for Web3 entrepreneurs who dare to explore. We have core members and developer communities based in Singapore, Silicon Valley, New York, London, and Vancouver. They are not only a popular social hub but also an investment bank focusing on service and value creation. They strives to convey advanced industry awareness, avant-garde brand concepts, and deep user/product understanding. They are international at heart. They sincerely believe in technology, pay respect to dreams, and create value while being disciplined and staying cautious in this ever-changing world. Allinweb3 is looking forward to cooperating with Chinese Web3 entrepreneurs for mutual benefits together from 1 to 100! And also looking forward to giving rise to the next phenomenal product from million to billion!

[7] Spark Digital Capital
Spark Digital Capital is a US based fund investing Crypto startup based in deep research. Spark Digital Capital is running their own capital without LPs. They support portfolio project post-investment for best GTM strategy as well. They invested on prominent web3 projects such as StepN, Fusionist, 1inch, Elond, Casper Labs, Redbrick, Certik & etc.

[8] HTX ventures
HTX Venture, the global investment arm of HTX, integrates investment, incubation, and research to identify the best and brightest teams in the world. As a 10 year pioneer in the industry, we explore, unveil and assist the industry’s cutting-edge technologies and emerging business models, providing financing, resources and advisory to projects to grow the blockchain ecosystem together.

[9] NewTribe Capital
NewTribe Capital is more than just a Web3 venture firm; They’re architects of the future network state. Specializing in early-stage Web3 investments, They’re committed to powering the next wave of open, secure, and decentralized technology.

NewTribe Capital is smart money. Their support goes far beyond financial investment. They equip their portfolio companies with unparalleled access to their vast industry network and vital resources, acting as catalysts for their success and growth.

NewTribe Capital’s strategic focus centers on early-stage blockchain and Web3 initiatives poised to shape the future of the protocol-driven economy. Their investment scope is broad and dynamic, encompassing sectors like infrastructure, web3 gaming, AI, DeFi, NFTs, Middleware, and Multichain Platforms. With a keen eye for opportunities in Asia, Europe, and MENA, They’re particularly dedicated to boosting the Web3 ecosystem in the Middle East, all without geographical constraints.

[10] Fusionist
Fusionis is an all-in-one platform that provides comprehensive gaming integration. They introduced new concepts to the market, introduced Web2 and Web3 data connection structures to the market, and are creating an ecosystem that a permissionless mainnet can build through their own mainnet called Endurance. Fusionist is the first project to simultaneously conduct launchPool and jumpstart on Binance and OKEx exchanges, showing many groundbreaking aspects in the web3 market, including marketing, data structures, and high-end AAA games.

[11] BNB Chain
BNB Chain is a decentralized blockchain ecosystem focused on providing a robust infrastructure for the Web3 economy. BNB Chain offers a diverse range of services, promoting decentralized data management, layer-2 scaling, and innovative solutions for the world of decentralized finance (DeFi).

[12] RFD Capital
RFD Capital is a dynamic Web3 fund with a strong foothold in Korea, leveraging our founding team’s expertise to add value to enterprises. Our mission is to discover and nurture the next generation of Web3 innovators, driving mass blockchain adoption.

The founders of RFD Capital hail from traditional finance and Web3 institutions such as McKinsey, BNY Mellon, Bithumb, Amber Group, and Web2/Web3 venture capital firms. They bring a decade of experience in investing in and accelerating promising projects, working alongside visionary founders.

5. Background and Necessity of the Committee Proposal

*Proposal Background from the Perspective of the Global Blockchain Market

- With the approval and launch of Bitcoin/Ethereum spot ETFs in the US market in 2024, the opportunity for capital inflow into the digital asset market has expanded unprecedentedly. While innovative technologies from the previous market cycle, such as DeFi and NFTs, continue to evolve, new business areas based on blockchain, such as Real-World Assets (RWA) and AI, are once again drawing significant market interest.

[US BTC&ETH Spot ETF All Launching in 2024]

- However, the launch of new projects is outpacing the growth of investors and users, leading to increasingly fierce competition for capital and user acquisition alongside existing projects.

*Why the Foundation Should Support This Proposal

- Peak and Downturn of the Last Cycle:
During 2021–2022, the Klaytn/Finschia chain experienced a peak, attracting significant attention and funds and recording high TVL. However, it failed to establish a long-term vision, strategic support, and a unique web3 culture. Combined with the overall rigid on-chain regulatory environment in the Korean market and a decline in user interest, the ecosystem and on-chain activity faced a downturn. Comparing six arbitrarily chosen chains, Klaytn ranked second in TVL in the second half of 2021 but has now fallen to the lowest position at sixth.

[TVL Chart by Chain: During the comparison period, Klaytn fell from 2nd to 6th place]

- The Launch of Kaia as the Perfect Timing for the Ecosystem Revival:
The launch of ‘Kaia (KAIA)’, the integrated chain brand of the two major domestic mainnets, Klaytn and Finschia, is generating a similar impact as a merger of the Web3 versions of Kakao and Line. This event is attracting considerable interest from overseas users, builders, players, and developers. For international projects, the launch of the Kaia chain can serve as an excellent marketing point for entering the Korean market. Kaia chain can leverage this aspect to actively promote chain activation and global expansion.
Despite its potential for growth, the current Klaytn network lacks projects that provide profit or entertainment to users, resulting in low activities. One of the main reasons is the absence of builders specialized in the Web3 ecosystem, leading to a decrease in new and existing user numbers, reduced ecosystem activity, and ultimately, a downward spiral in prices. KnightFury Alliance was established to address these issues.

- KnightFury Alliance at the Forefront of Kaia Ecosystem Revival:
KnightFury Alliance is a community at the forefront of reviving the Kaia ecosystem. Actively interacting with overseas ecosystem players, it achieves vertical integration of planning, investment, development, and marketing activities. Through the community committee, it discovers various projects and supports them with funding, technology, and marketing based on the extensive experience of its members. This maximizes opportunities to provide users with profit and entertainment, significantly contributing to the increase and activation of Kaia network users. Moreover, it plays a crucial role in enhancing the technical progress and competitiveness of the entire ecosystem.
The operating budget of the community committee, allocated from the Kaia Ecosystem Fund (KEF), ensures the financial stability of the committee, establishes a transparent budget management and reporting system, and enhances trust. The community committee not only executes short-term projects but also provides a foundation for establishing and pursuing long-term growth strategies. This promotes the sustainable growth of the Kaia ecosystem and plays an essential role in maintaining competitiveness in the future blockchain market.

In conclusion, this proposal will contribute to the overall development of the Kaia network by activating the ecosystem, attracting global users, promoting innovative projects, increasing community engagement, ensuring financial stability, and establishing sustainable growth strategies. Therefore, it is both urgent and appropriate for the foundation to actively support this proposal.

6. Committee-Led Business Initiatives

KnightFury (Playground for Kaia)

KnightFury Alliance is set to launch the following ecosystem products, allowing users to participate in various activities and earn tokens from different projects (both new and existing).

1) Redbrick Contents

Through the cloud-based engine of the Redbrick project, various contents such as 0xSpin will be provided. Users can earn RB points by playing these contents, which can later be swapped for Redbrick tokens, and also gain points that can be used to participate in LaunchPool.

2) Seven Dragons

Launching with technical support from SmartLayer, the dragon-raising game ‘Seven Dragons’ will mint NFTs that serve as Passports within the KnightFury ecosystem. These NFTs include token script functionality, aggregating all user activity data through the NFTs (featuring enhanced ERC-404 capabilities). The accumulated data and points can be used to participate in airdrop activities for ecosystem projects onboarded by KnightFury in the form of LaunchPool. This represents a new standard for integrating Web2 and Web3 data.

[Seven Dragons’ Dragon NFT Overview]

3) Staking Protocol

A Kaia-based staking protocol similar to Lido will be implemented. Users can stake Kaia tokens and receive tKaia (tentative name) as proof tokens for the staking. Through this, they can earn activity points and staking rewards.

4) Point System

The KnightFury platform will launch various contents to provide users with activities. Users can earn points by participating in various onboarded games, staking Kaia tokens, participating in voting, and checking in regularly.

5) Launch Pool

Launch Pool offers users the opportunity to access various projects. Points are awarded to users who engage with KnightFury Alliance products or contribute to the ecosystem. Users can then receive airdropped tokens from various projects sourced by KnightFury Alliance. Points from each round expire, and KnightFury Alliance continuously sources new builders and projects to promote ecosystem activity. This provides users with constant new opportunities, contributing to the activation and growth of the Kaia ecosystem.

7. Expected effects of committee

7.1. Economic effect

1) Increased liquidity and inflow of funds:

a) KnightFury aims to create an environment that fosters increased liquidity and capital inflow into the Kaia ecosystem by contributing to its activation through project building and collaboration.

b) To activate the ecosystem and attract capital, it is crucial to build innovative projects and engage in high-level collaboration that captures the attention of users and investors. This involves showcasing new technologies to the market, employing novel marketing methods, and demonstrating creativity and execution in presenting first-of-its-kind initiatives. Ultimately, this can lead to the inflow of more funds into various projects and services within the Kaia ecosystem.

c) By developing and executing initiatives through collaboration with impactful projects, it is expected that transaction volume and retention will increase, leading to chain activation, ecosystem expansion, and the inflow of new capital.

Case i) Redbrick’s 0xSpin:

One of the KnightFury Alliance members, Redbrick, launched its first Kaia on-chain product, ‘0xSpin,’ which ran a campaign for five days. During this period, it achieved over 580,000 participating wallets and more than 46.6 million on-chain transactions, quickly becoming the number one on-chain transaction product in the Klaytn ecosystem, according to Klaytn Square. This success was made possible by the discussions among committee members with diverse experiences and the incorporation of new technologies such as Paymaster to make the user experience as seamless as possible, akin to Web2 levels. While the user’s play experience was straightforward, the underlying technical infrastructure was a conglomerate of various blockchain-related technologies. This marks the beginning of our Alliance’s plan to introduce more new technologies and user-friendly products to the Kaia ecosystem.

[Redbrick Event Metrics over five days from May 8 to 12, 2024]
[Redbrick’s 0xSpin at Top Transaction Count Ranking]

Case ii) Fusionist’s $ACE Token

One of the advisor candidates for the KnightFury Alliance, Fusionist, was the first to establish a user reward system that connects Web2 data with Web3 data. Through this system, users were able to convert data generated from Web2 activities, such as social interactions, into on-chain data in realtime, providing an optimized user experience. The Fusionist team, with over 18 years of experience in the gaming industry, has gained market attention through AAA game development and innovative GTM strategies. Their strategies include Bounded Token, NFT ownership data tracking, Web2/3 data tracking and conversion systems, ERC-5169 standard utilization, point airdrop systems, AI social marketing, cross-chain bridges, and domain systems. With these innovative approaches, Fusionist became the first project to simultaneously launch on Binance Launchpool and OKX Jumpstart.

[Fusionist’s $ACE Token Binance/OKX Simultaneous Listing]]

Case iii) SmartLayer’s Smart Cat

SmartLayer, a member of the KnightFury Alliance, has successfully launched the ‘SmartCat’ on-chain cat-raising game and token script technology through the implementation of its developed ERC-5169 standard. The SmartCat game generated a significant amount of on-chain data, with over 28 million transactions. This substantial on-chain data holds considerable importance as it was entirely generated by users who paid fees and purchased items for their Smart Cat. The success of SmartCat has led to the creation of similar products on various chains, establishing it as a leading example of successful user onboarding.

SmartLayer’s token, $SLN, has demonstrated market leadership through its integration of the newl y developed ERC standard and adept strategic planning, culminating in its direct listing on the OKX exchange.

[SmartLayer’s $SLN Token Listing at OKX]

Case iv) Recent Example of Binance’s Call for Small and Medium-Sized Projects

In 2024, the strategies of major players in the crypto VC industry resembled a capital war. Some large projects raised their FDV (Fully Diluted Valuation) to trillions of won before listing, making it impossible for individual investors or small VCs to participate. These projects shifted to generating stable returns of 2–3 times through large investments in the tens to hundreds of billions of won. However, over time, these projects inevitably led to losses for many individual investors due to increased selling pressure from token vesting.
As this issue was raised, Binance began encouraging the listing applications of small and medium-sized projects, emphasizing the contributions of the community. This highlights the importance of the community and individual investors. Like this example from Binance, KnightFury Alliance understands the value of the community. We have agreed to create a playground where members of the Kaia ecosystem can experience on-chain products integrated with new technologies and receive rewards for their activities. Additionally, we aim to realize a community-centered ecosystem expansion strategy by providing an environment where even small projects can receive comprehensive support, including funding, technology, marketing, and strategic advice.

[Binance Encourages Listing of Small and Medium-Sized Projects]

2) Attracting Investment and Creating Economic Value:

a) Investing in successful ecosystem projects is the most direct means of creating value for users. The token allocation for early-stage project investments is typically around 10% of the total tokens. When a single investor’s share does not exceed 20%, the successful investment amount by a single investor can result in a value creation effect of approximately 50 times.
Given the rapidly changing nature of the digital asset industry, an indiscriminate investment approach (Spray & Pray) without a sufficient understanding of the industry leads to a low investment success rate, thereby diluting the value creation effect. Particularly when tokens are used as investment resources, there is a risk of price decline due to liquidity. Therefore, it is essential to enhance the investment success rate through industry experts who possess ethics and professionalism.
KnightFury Alliance leverages the investment expertise of its members and a well-connected global network to attract global investors’ interest in the Kaia ecosystem and recruit long-term builders, making it the ideal ecosystem investment partner.

[Value Creation Effect of an Ecosystem Investment with Ethics and Expertise]

7.2. Industrial Impact

1) Introduction of New Industry Standards and Tracking Industry Trends:

  • Through innovative projects, we aim to establish standards within the blockchain industry, thereby securing the ecosystem’s reliability and stability. The Seven Dragon NFT project or the point system introduced by KnightFury are examples of first-time implementations on the Kaia Chain of new industry standards attempted in other EVM chains. These efforts demonstrate Kaia Chain’s technical competitiveness and its commitment to staying abreast of industry trends.

2) User Exposure and Ecosystem Expansion:

  • The Web3 industry focuses on acquiring users through various strategies. Increasing user exposure is a key strategy for user acquisition, and promotion and communication through social accounts are crucial tools for expanding the Kaia ecosystem. Relying solely on the foundation’s marketing efforts is insufficient. The KnightFury Alliance can leverage the social accounts of its members, whose combined marketing capabilities far exceed those of the foundation, to maximize user exposure to ecosystem activities. This approach is expected to facilitate the establishment of external partnerships, collaboration with global projects, and strategic positioning in the competitive landscape for ecosystem user acquisition.
[Social Account Comparison

7.3. Social Impact

1) Building Web3 Native Communities:

  • Web3 communities are fostering unique identities and cultures distinct from traditional corporate and consumer cultures. Therefore, even as we continue to pursue business initiatives linked to traditional industries, it is essential to establish the identity and culture of projects and user communities nurtured through Web3’s unique framework. The KnightFury Alliance, composed of Web3 native players, deeply understands the culture of the Web3 community within existing industries. KnightFury aims to mitigate the downsides such as predatory speculation and marketing culture while enhancing the positives and innovative attempts with sharp insights, thereby becoming a bridgehead for nurturing the unique Web3 community. We will establish a positive identity for the community and encourage active user participation, thereby strengthening cohesion through initiatives such as the Launch Pool, active communication through social accounts, ongoing business collaborations with external ecosystems, and engaging games that seek novelty and fun.
[Kaia Chain — Alliance — Web3 Community Building Flow Chart]

2) Sharing Economic Value:

  • KnightFury Alliance aims to create channels through which the value generated from on-chain activities is shared with the community. By minimizing intermediaries, we strive to ensure that the value created by users’ on-chain activities is directly shared with them through avenues such as Launch Pool, business collaborations, and user rewards. This approach is expected to create a virtuous cycle that enhances the economic scale of the entire Kaia Chain ecosystem.

In conclusion, if the Community Committee is successfully formed and operated, the Kaia ecosystem can expect various positive economic, industrial, and social impacts, which will significantly contribute to the long-term growth and development of the Kaia chain.

8. KPI | Milestones | Budget

8.1. Key Performance Indicator

8.2. Project Schedule & Milestones

8.3. Committee Operation Budget

9. How Committee Works

The KnightFury Alliance Committee, an organization leading the activation and globalization of the Kaia Chain ecosystem through project development, investment and marketing, plans to establish the following operational structure and systems for efficient and systematic operations:

9.1. Operational Structure

9.1.1 Organizational Structure

  • Chairman: As the leader of the committee, the Chairman oversees overall operations and makes key decisions. The Chairman sets the strategic direction of the committee, coordinates cooperation among members, and secures the resources and support needed to achieve the committee’s goals.
  • Committee Members: Each member of the committee contributes to the achievement of the committee’s goals based on their diverse expertise. Each member performs their designated roles and responsibilities and collaborates for the successful progression of projects.
  • General Meeting: This is a decision-making body where the Chairman and all committee members discuss important decisions of the committee. General meetings are held regularly to discuss major issues, make decisions, and review the progress of projects.
  • Subcommittees: These are small groups responsible for in-depth discussions and execution related to specific areas or projects. Subcommittees are formed to achieve specific goals and operate flexibly as needed.

9.1.2 Operation Processes

  • Quorum for Decisions in General Meetings: Decisions regarding the addition or removal of committee members and budget execution require the approval of the majority of the general meeting.
  • Sub-Committee Agendas: Depending on the matter, sub-committees will be operated to handle specific issues.
    - Project Discovery and Evaluation: Discover promising projects through various channels and evaluate the technical/financial marketability of these projects.
    - Investment Decision and Execution: Make investment decisions for evaluated projects and allocate the necessary funds.
    - Marketing Strategy Formulation and Execution: Develop and execute promotional and marketing strategies for the projects through various channels.

9.2. System Development Plan

9.2.1 Committee Management and Reporting System

  • Quarterly Reports: The general meeting will review the committee’s performance and direction through quarterly reports within one month after the end of each quarter.
    - Investment Management: Track and manage the liquidity status and performance of invested projects through LP provision, token swaps, and direct & matching investments.
    - Marketing Management: Introduce tools to manage the progress of marketing campaigns and analyze their performance. This will allow for tracking and managing the effectiveness of marketing strategies.

9.2.2 Communication and Collaboration Platform

  • Discord and Twitter: Main channels for direct communication with Kaia ecosystem users. Moderators are composed of personnel with basic customer service skills as well as specialized knowledge in DeFi, NFTs, and other Web3 areas. These platforms operate 24/7 year-round to cater to both domestic and international users.
  • KnightFury: As the playground of the Kaia Network, it offers various activities and encourages square voting participation among ecosystem participants. Contributors receive airdrops of tokens from various projects collaborating with KnightFury.
  • DragonSwap: By providing liquidity of invested projects and Kaia tokens, it allows Kaia ecosystem participants to engage in transactions as needed, contributing to the increase of Total Value Locked (TVL) and transaction facilitation within the Kaia ecosystem.

10. Work Flow Sample

1) All Activities in the KnightFury Ecosystem Convert to Points

The KnightFury ecosystem features a variety of individual campaigns. Users can earn ecosystem points through various activities, including 0xSpin, Seven Dragon, Staking Protocol, inviting friends to the platform, and completing daily missions.

2) Introduction of ERC 5169 Standard, Token Script, and Enhanced 404 Technology

The second on-chain product of the KnightFury ecosystem, Seven Dragon’s NFT, is not just a simple PFP. It incorporates Token Script technology from Smart Layer, which introduced the ERC 5169 standard to the market, and enhanced 404 technology. Token Script technology enables the storage of diverse user activity data from both Web2 and Web3 on the NFT, allowing for the programming of various functions into the NFT. The Seven Dragon NFT will serve as the ecosystem passport for KnightFury within the Kaia ecosystem. All user activity data obtained through various campaigns will be stored in the Seven Dragon NFT using Token Script technology, directly linking to ecosystem points. Users can earn points by actively participating in activities like 0xSpin, Seven Dragon, Staking Protocol, inviting friends to the platform, daily missions, and other ecosystem projects. This NFT, integrated with enhanced 404 technology, can also be traded on decentralized exchanges. However, if the number of tokens held in the user’s wallet drops below one, the NFT will be burned.

3) Spending Earned Points

Users can spend the points they earn through various ecosystem activities to receive airdrops from new projects or other benefits. The magic of Token Script technology lies not only in its ability to store diverse user activity data and the points earned from these activities in the user’s NFT but also in its ability to deduct these scores under specific conditions. In the KnightFury ecosystem, Token Script technology forms the foundation of a Playground that allows users to earn points through various activities and spend specific points to enjoy diverse benefits.

4) Incubation Layer for Web3 Startups

Alliance members will provide various support, including investment, technical assistance, promotion, and strategic advice, to attract new projects to the Kaia ecosystem. Even projects from other chain ecosystems can enter the Kaia ecosystem through decentralized bridges. Given the current low participation rate of new projects on the Kaia chain, the KnightFury Committee will not limit the scope of new project discovery to the Kaia chain alone. Instead, by creating an environment where projects from other chains can engage in diverse activities on the Kaia chain using token bridges and chain abstraction technologies, the committee aims to make the Kaia chain an attractive environment for various startup projects. Comprehensive support in funding, technology, and strategy will be provided to ensure that the Kaia chain becomes a launch pool chain or an incubation layer.

5) Budget Transparency Protocol

a) Budget Transparency: All budgets are executed transparently and disclosed through the governance forum or community forum. This ensures that ecosystem participants have a clear understanding of how the budget is being used.

b) Example of Budget Execution: The development of the KnightFury Launch Pool project provides a specific example of budget execution.

  • Token Acquisition: Tokens valued at $70k based on the valuation of the launch pool collaboration project are acquired for a budget of $50k.
  • User Rewards: Tokens worth $20k from the acquired tokens are allocated for user rewards.
  • Liquidity Pool: The remaining tokens worth $50k are utilized for the liquidity pool.

6) Governance Boost Program

Holders of $tKAIA can vote on agendas posted on Kaia Square, and participants will earn reward points on the KnightFury platform for their participation. This initiative by KnightFury Alliance aims to encourage voting participation among the Kaia network ecosystem. Additionally, airdrops will be distributed to $tKAIA holders (those who have staked $KAIA) based on the points earned, further promoting $KAIA staking and enhancing its value. The issuance of more $tKAIA signifies increased $KAIA staking, which is expected to generate several positive effects for the network, including: 1) enhanced network security, 2) improved network reliability, 3) token price stabilization, 4) increased governance participation, and 5) community participation.

11. Anticipated Challenges in Committee Operations and Solutions

By implementing these risk management plans, KnightFury Alliance can effectively identify and respond to various potential risks, thereby enhancing the project’s potential for success.

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